A downloadable game for Windows

Grab 3 friends and jump in a microwave!

Be the last kernel to pop, using any means necessary!

This game MUST be played with game pads (e.g. Xbox One Controllers)


1. Left Stick controls movement.

2. Left Trigger stores heat.

3. Right Trigger releases heat onto another kernel if you are touching it, this includes other players.

4. The A button dashes in whichever direction you are currently running.

5. Press the Start button to begin the game.

6. Press the View button (on an Xbox One controller, maybe called select on others) to return to the Title Screen.

The game will read in a popcorn.bag file if it exists to generate the level; otherwise, a code-based random generator is used. The popcorn.bag file can contain anything, doesn't matter what it is.

Average sessionA few seconds
InputsXbox controller
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 4

Install instructions

If you are on a Windows machine, unzip the zip file, then run the .exe inside.


the_last_kernel_0.zip 12 MB

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