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After being brutally attacked by Count Hiss, Jon finds himself racing against time and forced to discover a whole new side of himself in an effort to rescue his beloved Mina.

In the ultimate saga of NosFURatu, join Jon in his quest to defeat Count Hiss and her minions and save his one true love by any means necessary.

NosFURatu is a platformer/runner hybrid with inspiration from old school games like Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario Brothers, and Ghosts n Goblins. We wanted something that had the difficulty, challenge, and fun of those classic games. We spent a lot of time designing a game that was truly cross platform, and could be played on a mobile device as well as a console.

What we ended up with is something unique and extremely challenging. NosFURatu currently has a complete World 1 with 21 levels, a mid-boss, and a final boss. Our goal is to finish the game with a total of 5 worlds packed with 105 levels.

Install instructions

You need an up-to-date version of Windows 7 or higher to run the game. If you're still having problems try running the Direct X installer included in the download.

A controller is recommended, but the game also has full keyboard support.


NosFURatu_v1.2.5_osx.zip 70 MB
NosFURatu_v1.2.5_win32.zip 77 MB
NosFURatu_v1.2.5_x64.zip 78 MB

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